As a rule, the cost of a transfer is slightly higher than the cost of a taxi. If you order a more spacious car, then the cost of the transfer may increase significantly. The distance from Podgorica to Budva is 64 km if you go through Petrovac, and 70 km if you go through Cetinje.

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Sea Dance Festival: Scheduled Transport From All Over Montenegro.

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The road through Petrovac is more beautiful, as it passes through Lake Skadar and further along the coast. The road through Cetinje involves passing through the suburbs of the capital and further through the mountains. If you choose this path and the road passes through Sutomore, you will have to pay for travel through the Sozina toll tunnel, but you can also save money by driving around it.

You can order a suitable car for you in some transport companyAnd the booked car will wait for you in a place. As a rule, the cost of the transfer is slightly higher than the cost of a taxi. If you order a more roomy car, the cost of the transfer may noticeably increase. Very cheap shuttle service to Budva from Podgorica Airport. We provide reliable and cheap transfers from Budva to Podgorica and everywhere in Montenegro, without the inconvenience of having to call and wait for a taxi.

Travel route from airport Podgorica to Budva by taxi takes you directly across the national park Skadar lake. Via Pastrovicka Mountain and through magnificent places Rezevici, Sveti Stefan, Milocer, Rafailovici and Becici you will be arrived to Budva in about an hour total travel time. If you want to explore some of the most stunning attractions of Montenegrin coastline, we can make your taxi ride from airport Podgorica to Budva area as tourist sightseeing tour. We can organize and provide your excursion using several types of vehicles, estate cars and minivans 7-18 seats. We provide Meet & Greet in Podgorica Airport (TGD) with flight monitoring and we will wait for you in case your flight will be delayed.

Taxi to the airport, with professional drivers, will take you on time and comfortably to your airport or your destination. Exclusive transportation to your destination with a professional driver with knowledge of English who will meet you with your name written on a sign. The cheapest way from Podgorica airport to Budva is by regular train €1.20 and by local bus from Podgorica to Budva €6 and you can book online. How To Get From Podgorica Airport to Budva Best Way – You can go by bus, train, taxi and private transfer. The day of your trip, your transport will be waiting for you for a simple, stress-free journey to your destination. Prices includes fixed fares, taxes & gratuity with no hidden costs.

It is a city with numerous cultural and historical monuments and beautiful beaches. It also contains specimens of very old olives, one of which is estimated at around 2000 years. Old Bar is very interesting for tourists with its authentic architecture and numerous bars where you can enjoy consuming local food and drinks. Prices, as well as bus departure times, you can see in advance on the official website Trains run daily from 6 am to 9 pm, but they do not always depart at a convenient time, so see for yourself whether it will be convenient for you to get there. You can check the current schedule on the official website of the Montenegrin Railway, as it may change depending on the time of year.

The distance between Podgorica Airport and Budva is approximately 65 kilometers, meaning you can reach your destination in Budva in approximately 1hr 10min. Our trusted partners will make sure your taxi ride goes exactly as planned. To book your transfer from Podgorica Airport, select one of our available transfer vehicles. Most taxis in Podgorica calculate their fares using a taximeter. However, many taxi companies offer fixed prices to popular destinations. Therefore, your Podgorica airport transfer to Budva should cost approximately €50.

Taxi drivers in Budva

Since the roads in Montenegro are quite picturesque, you can stop at the places you like, enjoy the view and take beautiful photos. Like most airports, Podgorica Golubovci (TGD) is located away from the city. The distance to the center is about 11 km, so walking here will be difficult and long. But this distance is in a straight line, and in order to get from one city to another by road, you need to cover a distance of 63 km. Your Driver will take care of you, making you sit on the vehicle and loading your suitcases and personal belongings in the trunk. Only if you will be pleased, you can ask your Driver to turn on the car radio, to listen to music or a program at your leisure.

Where you can sleep in a dorm room for less than $15 USD while you can stay in a budget hotel for as low as $30-50 USD. There are so many to choose from depending on what type and how luxurious you want your stay to be starting from $80 USD. Use the availability search on this page to see all the vehicles available for transfer between Podgorica Airport and Budva. We’ve introduced a metric indicating how safe travellers feel when using our services during the COVID-19 pandemic. After every ride, we ask each traveller to leave a review. Most cabs in Podgorica accept credit card payments; however, it is always best to ask your driver before starting your journey.

Transportation from Airport Podgorica to Budva at the price of 50 € by our vehicles Mercedes and Passat means that you will pay your journey about 0.80 € per kilometer. Price includes all costs and it’s valid for the vehicle that receives a maximum of four passengers with their luggage. Private transfer to and from airports and resorts with cars, minivans or minibuses of a higher category, Mercedes E-class, BMW 5-series, Audi A6, Mercedes Viano or Sprinter, for a maximum of 8 people. We offer transportation service up to 8 passengers with professional driver with knowledge of English.

Since Budva is the most famous resort Montenegro, then many people flying to Podgorica are sent later to this city on the Adriatic Sea coast. And these are cities of the bay, including Kotor and Herceg Novi. Also many flights, especially in the summer months, in Budva – Center nightlife Countries I. City of Bar
The Bar is a city in the southeast of Montenegro.

As a rule, the cost of a taxi ride on this route is 50 euros. Of course, the price may seem high, but do not forget that you will drive a distance of 63 km. If there are three or four of you, then you will have to pay euros for the bus. So in this case, you should think about going to Budva by taxi. If you are going to get to Budva from Podgorica airport with such a company, then the taxi option becomes even more preferable, since the total cost of tickets increases to euros. In addition, added inconvenience in the form of a transplant.

How to get from Podgorica to Budva by Taxi

Anyway, for every problem, you can always contact the How2Transfer office, active 24 hours a day, that will assist you. It can take you anywhere between 1 and 19 hours to travel between Podgorica and Budva depending on the means of transport you choose. The most expensive ticket will cost you UAH 6,690 if you go by taxi; to keep it budget-friendly, opt for a bus which will set you back mere UAH 217.

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Welcome to Total Montenegro News!.

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Firstly, you can pick up a car of any class and capacity, as well as order a child seat or booster for a child. Secondly, the price of the trip will be known even when booking a transfer and will not change. Thirdly, upon arrival at the Antalya airport, you will be met by a polite driver with a name plate, escorted to the car, helped with luggage and taken to the hotel.

The best way from Podgorica airport to Budva is by shared transfer €28 per person you can book online and 1 hour travel time direct to your accommodation. Taxi Podgorica airport to Budva cost 55 eur, distance is 65 km and ride takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Here you can also schedule your return transfer from any address in Budva.

Here we have given a detailed map how to get on foot to the railway station. The route is not difficult, besides, if you go along the main road from the airport, you will 100% see this station when you reach the bridge, so it will be quite podgorica budva taxi difficult to get lost. Any way you choose, you can make from simple taxi ride Podgorica to Budva an unforgettable excursion. Depending on your wishes and your free time, we will create your journey at the highest possible level.

Taxi fares to Budva

Taxi Podgorica-bar costs from 49 euros, Podgorica-Sutomore – 43 euros. If you like to plan in advance so that everything goes calm, then the best way is to transfer from Podgorica airport. Use, for example, the KiwiTaxi service or order a car through the Taxi-travel website; there is a fairly good selection of cars and additional options, so the trip will be as comfortable as possible. The fare paid for the ride of my family to the hotel, was much lower when compared to either taxi or public transportation.

The prices and travel time aren’t fixed and it will depend on traffic and your final destination. The fastest way from Podgorica airport to city is by train. The travel time will take only 7 minutes The train fare is €1.20 in second class and €2 first class. Are you looking for a private transfer or a taxi from Podgorica Airport to Budva? With Mytransfers you can book your trip in less than 60 seconds and with instant confirmation.

Thanks for providing such great service, we will never travel again without. We provide private door to door taxis from Budva to Podgorica, all safely organized in advance for your full peace of mind. No need to call and wait for a local taxi, which may delay your trip. Due to the volume of work, you will receive a short reply as to whether the reservation has been accepted. There is no charge for canceling the reservation, payment is upon completion of the transfer by cash. Prices remain the same for nearby neighborhoods in prominent cities.

Transfer from Podgorica to Budva

After booking, a voucher confirming the trip will be sent to the mail. You choose the route and class of car
You can book a taxi in Montenegro from Podgorica to Budva of any capacity – from a cheap Economy class for 4 people to a 16-seater bus for a group transfer. Our wide selection of carefully selected local companies offer a wide variety of transport options suitable for all budgets from economical shared bus rides to chauffeur services. You can book your taxi from Podgorica airport to Budva whenever you want, because transportation costs are the same throughout the year. The price is fixed and there is nothing that can change it, delay of aircraft, weather conditions, size of luggage etc .

Podgorica –

Travelling between Podgorica and Budva is possible by Flight, bus and taxi. Supplement for last-minute bookings not included (any applicable supplement will be shown later when booking).Photos are for illustration purposes only and vehicle actually provided may be different. Our offered price is without any hidden fees, and you are paying for the whole vehicle (not per person). You will receive a very fixed quote for all our available cars after you request a quote. Choose a car or minivan driver according to your needs and budget.

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