As a rule, the cost of a transfer is slightly higher than the cost of a taxi. If you order a more spacious car, then the cost of the transfer may increase significantly. The distance from Podgorica to Budva is 64 km if you go through Petrovac, and 70 km if you go through Cetinje. The road through Petrovac is more beautiful, as it passes through Lake Skadar and further along the coast. The road through Cetinje involves passing through the suburbs of the capital and further through the mountains.

Air Serbia to launch a dozen new routes and “exotic” destinations – EX-YU Aviation News

Air Serbia to launch a dozen new routes and “exotic” destinations.

Posted: Mon, 01 Aug 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The national drink of Montenegro is Rakija with a whopping 40% alcohol content it packs quite the punch! The liquor is typically homegrown and sometimes reaches 80%. Burek is a popular Balkan breakfast staple in the city made of filo pastry and filled with cheese, meat, spinach, or potatoes.


I have a question about the walk from podgorica airport to the train station. You are writing it’s 1km which is fine with me but is there any civilised way to walk this distance? I am looking at google maps and there are no sidewalks at all, the photos are very old, from 2016 so I understand it may have improved by now. The bus fare from Podgorica airport to city center is €1 but I don’t think is worth it the walk when you can go faster by train. Only if you are on a low budget and need to pass by the Bus Terminal.

Belgrade Airport readies for new long haul flights – EX-YU Aviation News

Belgrade Airport readies for new long haul flights.

Posted: Mon, 29 Aug 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Many people speak English especially in the service industry at hotels and restaurants, and many locals speak Italian. We recommend you get a good English-Albanian guidebook and learn the common phrases such as hello, goodbye, please, thank you, and numbers 1-10. Podgorica is a very safe place to visit, with a low crime in the city and rarely directed towards foreigners.

Prices listed in the price list are fixed amount, which you pay when you arrive at your destination. VAT, toll and passenger insurance are included in all prices. Taxi Podgorica airport to Pristina, Tivat, Sarajevo, Hani Hotit –  We are providing rides only with new, and comfortable vehicles, higher class, by low rates.

Booking a taxi from Airport Podgorica is easy – you can call us via Viber, WhatsApp, or send us a message! In Taxi Montenegro, we always think about the convenience of our customers. You can call us in advance, or even after the landing and the Podgorica Airport. Even before you finish your check-out, collect your luggage and leave the Podgorica Airport building, your driver will be there waiting for you. Even if you travel to Montenegro for the first time, you will easily spot our professional drivers who must wait for you with your name written on the sign they carry. If you want to book vehicles of Premium class or Minibus 10, 13, 16, 19 pax, you can make a booking not less than 24 hours before the trip.

Popular routes from Podgorica airport (TGD)

The lounge is also used as a press centre, upon the arrival of VIPs. Taxi Podgorica Montenegro is dedicated to providing quality, and at the same time cheap taxi from podgorica. Dispatchers of Taxi Podgorica speaks excellent English, and the answer to your e-mail you will receive as soon as possible. We will always do our best that your journey in Podgorica will be your new and pleasent experience.

Podgorica is the wettest capital city in Europe with annual rainfall reaching up to 65.3 inches, the number of rainy days a year reaches about 120 and strong wind can occur 60 days out of the year. Podgorica is located in central Montenegro and is the hub of all the main roads in the country. Hiring a car is a great idea if you plan to visit other areas in the country, it will give you the freedom to explore at your own leisure and explore the scenic roads and coastal areas.

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There are 10 trains per day and you can check the schedule on this website. You can go to Bar for €2 (2nd class) and €2.80 (1st class). The travel time to Bar is around 50 minutes from Podgorica. Airport transfers are pre-booked taxi aerodrom podgorica methods of transport for picking up passengers from an airport and dropping them off at their holiday resort or chosen destination for a set price. You don’t have to worry about accommodations when traveling to Podgorica.

On average, the road to Podgorica will take an hour and a half. I read on the forums the reviews of people who ordered a taxi in Montenegrin services by phone, but the taxi did not arrive or left without waiting for the passengers. Our flight was delayed by half an hour – the transfer driver waited and did not complain. Our polite and helpful professional drivers are at your service for a door-to-door private car transfer to Podgorica at any time you wish to schedule a ride.

Popular Hotels near Taxi from Podgorica Airport

Our standards for airport transfers exceed the expectations of all our service users. Dependingon your needs for a taxi in Montenegro, we also perform VIP transport, with high-class vehicles (Mercedes S class, Audi A8, BMV 7). Transportation from Podgorica airport to Bar cost 55 euros. That is a price per vehicle 1-4 persons, and tunnel toll 5 euros is included in the price. Distance from Podgorica to Bar is 45 km, and ride takes about 50 min. You can contact our service 24/7, and we will responsibly arrange your transportation.

Podgorica is a nice city to stroll around filled with parks, rivers, and other beautiful places. The city center is easily accessible and just a short walk to the train and bus station. There are many points of interest in the “Preko Morace” district that can be visited on foot.

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The best way from Podgorica airport to Podgorica city center is by shared transfer for €7 you can book online direct to your hotel. We offer highly dependable and comfortable Taxi transfers at a low cost. Our fleet of cars includes Skoda Octavia, Skoda Superb, Golf 7, Passat VIII, Audi A6, Renault Minivan, and similar vehicles. Whether you are a businessman, student, tourist, or travel with your family, we have everything to suit your needs. Moreover, because of the limited train schedule, you will have to take a taxi Downtown if you arrive late at night or early in the morning.

Its crime rate is fairly low and as a tourist, you should only be worried about petty theft in destinations frequented by tourists. Used several times, both for normal transport and for disabled transport and every time an excellent service. The day of your trip, your transport will be waiting for you for a simple, stress-free journey to your destination. If you want to book Taxi from Podgorica Airport to Podgorica City Center, Podgorica Bus Station, or Podgorica Train Station, you will pay the same price within the class you choose. On our website, you can click on the book online now button, which will guide you to secure payment form. There you can pay with your credit card securely, by leaving your payment details.

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