Different to a local taxi service, our transfers have fixed prices, and there are no extra charges for a greeting sign or luggage assistance. The price includes one hour of free waiting time after landing, and in the case of a flight delay, our drivers will wait for free; they track arrival time your flight. During the season, taxi prices in Montenegro rise slightly, but most often the cost of a taxi in different companies is in the same range. If you want, taxi drivers can tip about 10% of the total price of the trip. The tourist coast of Montenegro is compact, many attractions and resorts can be reached quickly. To do this, use public transport, rent cars or book taxi services.


Keep in mind that the schedule of public transport, as well as intercity buses, is purely advisory in Montenegro. Therefore, we advise you to buy all tickets on the spot, and not online, because there were cases when flights were simply canceled or they were delayed due to huge traffic jams. In order to get from Tivat Airport to Sveti Stefan by public transport (bus), you will have to walk from the air terminal to the bus station.

Some taxi companies in Podgorica accept bank card payments; however, it is always best to ask your driver beforehand. Nevertheless, if you prefer to travel at a fixed price with a private transfer company, you can pre-book and pay for your trip online. «Wild» taxis usually look very cheap and almost fall apart on the way. But, lately, informal companies have invented a way «lure» clients. They stick fake license plates on their cars, find stickers with the logo of the official company, misleading tourists. Those taxi drivers who work under a license are obliged to provide customers with a price list, which indicates the prices for travel.

Prices in Montenegro. Historic data last years

The latter is a convenient option for fast delivery to the right place. But to choose a carrier you need to know which taxis in Montenegro are officially working, who are trying to take an inflated fee for services from tourists and independent travelers. Podgorica airport on the map- away from sea ​​coast, 1 to 2 hour drive to taxi montenegro price the resorts, there are many regular and year-round flights. Tivat airport on the map- located by the sea bay, close to the resorts, mostly charters fly here, does not work at night. In the off-season it can cost 35 euros, and in summer time on average, the price is euros from different services for an ordinary passenger car.

Tivat International Airport, as mentioned above, is only 4 km from the city center, so if you have a small amount of luggage, you can go here on foot. In addition, you will have to go all the time in a straight line, so you definitely won’t get lost. There are https://taxi-travel.me/ practically no footpaths along the route throughout the entire journey, so we do not recommend taking this route with suitcases. You can get from Tivat Airport to Becici either by bus with a change in Budva, or by private transfer directly from the airport.

Holiday travel demand hitting local taxi drivers hard – KITV Honolulu

Holiday travel demand hitting local taxi drivers hard.

Posted: Fri, 30 Dec 2022 19:15:06 GMT [source]

There is no bus service from Podgorica airport to the center / bus station now, it’s a long walk to go there, don’t even try. A couple of years ago, it was introduced for 2 euros, but it was little used, removed … Therefore, you only have the option of ordering a taxi or a transfer. The taxi company’s website lists the exact price per kilometer. There is simply nowhere more realistic, it seems to me.

If you want to see the schedule of departures or arrivals from Tivat airport, we advise you to visit the official website of the Tivat airport. It contains all the relevant information about flights, their departure / arrival times, as well as delays and cancellations. My Guide Montenegro is part of the global My Guide Network of Online & Mobile travel guides. Our Complete Website Solution frees up the time, cost and technical expertise required to build and operate your own successful online travel business.

If you’re staying in a hotel or apartment complex it’s
generally easy to get a taxi to come pick you up. Some difficulty arises
however when you need a taxi to come to your villa and you don’t have a street
address. Addresses in Montenegro are notoriously difficult, having neither
street names or house numbers in many places. Your best bet in this case is to
get the taxi to pick you up from a nearby restaurant, café or other landmark
where they’ll be able to find you easily. Click here for a list of taxi
company numbers around the country. As always, there are some better options than others when it comes to taxis in Montenegro.

Breathtaking Locations in Montenegro

The most intensive transport in the city of Budva in Montenegro runs during the holiday season specifically for the convenience of vacationers. Even if you have a rental car on holiday, taxis in Montenegro can be your best friend if you like to have a little tipple with dinner. The easiest way to get a taxi in Montenegro is to call one
on the phone. The operators of all major taxi companies speak English and
usually a taxi takes no more than 5 minutes to arrive. Read more about the documents for a rented car, about the roads and traffic rules in Montenegro in this. I also want to warn you about, which will save you from unnecessary expenses in Montenegrin hospitals, and poisoning, injuries, colds, etc. can happen on vacation.

Inside the Champions League 2023 preliminaries in Iceland – ESPN – ESPN

Inside the Champions League 2023 preliminaries in Iceland – ESPN.

Posted: Mon, 03 Jul 2023 13:26:00 GMT [source]

After you book Taxi Montenegro from Podgorica Airport via Viber or WhatsApp, you will get a confirmation via message, including the price. Our Taxi price is fixed, so you will have no dilemma which amount you pay to the driver upon arrival. On our website, you can click on the book online now button, which will guide you to secure payment form. There you can pay with your credit card securely, by leaving your payment details. This is completely safe and risk free, same as the typical online bank transfer you use when paying something online. – Contact us with all details of your transfer and we will offer you all available car classes with prices shown without hidden costs.

Estimate the cost of a different taxi ride in Podgorica

Budva and Kotor stand out as two of the most alluring destinations in Montenegro. We’ll dive into the enticing worlds of Budva and Kotor, helping you choose the perfect Montenegrin experience. Upon your plane lands, we are waiting for 1 hour free of charge. Tourists are provided with many interesting excursions both in natural beauty and in objects of historical importance. The historical richness of Montenegro can be traced through the many architectural monuments of different eras. In general, the history of Montenegro begins from the time when the Slavs mixed with the Turkic tribes living on the territory of the future Montenegro, and united into a kind of state.

How far is it from Budva to Kotor?

In addition to yachts, various boats, boats and other water transport are at your service. There is an opportunity to go on a pleasure boat for a sea excursion, tickets for which can be purchased through travel agencies or on special schedules. Prices vary for taxis in Montenegro and do tend to be more expensive between June and September. However they’re still relatively cheap with a ride in any of the towns not usually costing more than a few Euros.

Transportation from Budva to Kotor

A similar procedure is whether to call or send a message via WhatsApp Taxi Podgorica or via Viber our service is available and you receive confirmation of reservation within a minute or two . Confirmation of reservation through this service implies confirmation of the price for the requested transfer from Airport Podgorica to any destination . WHERE DO I MEET THE DRIVER AT THE AIRPORT, AND FOR HOW LONG HE WILL WAIT FOR ME? – The driver will monitor your flight and wait for you at the airport arrival terminal, holding a name sign in his hands.

Drivers are well-dressed, helpful, and their cars are tidy. By the way, if you decide to rent accommodation from the owners of guest houses or apartments, then some of them can also gladly provide you with a transfer, but, as a rule, for an additional fee. It is located on the coast of Montenegro, so even on the runway you can see a small part of the sea, and, of course, incredible mountain scenery.

Every time we try to save some money on our vacation, looking for inexpensive, but comfortable hotels, interesting excursions, tasty and healthy food. If you are going on a business trip with official meetings and late night outings, not a vacation, make sure you pack a classic suit or a cocktail dress. Those travellers who go on business trips quite often should pack an extra bag with all the necessary things.

The police do routinely stop drivers to check breath alcohol levels, so it’s worth your while spending a few Euros on a taxi. We’ve introduced a metric indicating how safe travellers feel when using our services during the COVID-19 pandemic. After every ride, we ask each traveller to leave a review. We offer a range of additional products and services that will make each part of your journey more enjoyable. Whether booking is online or via our call center, we will help you.

During high season it’s impossible to have a discount. Sometimes when you get there they ask even more, like, because there was a traffic jam. Taxi Montenegro is a great help — I always know that the driver will be waiting for me, will help me with my luggage and the price will be the same as on the website. When you reserve a taxi with us you do not have to pay extra to private taxi drivers at airports. Booking a taxi from Airport Podgorica is easy – you can call us via Viber, WhatsApp, or send us a message!

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