The company Terrae-car is located in the coastal town of Budva in Montenegro. Started as small family business with idea to offer something different they grown up as the most green company in Montenegro. Terrae car is rent-a-car and taxi company that strives to provide the highest quality and best service for their costumers.

Drivers who work illegally can easily cheat using language barrier and different tricks. Private taxis offer significantly higher rates than larger taxi companies, but you can bargain and suggest a fixed price in advance. Depending on your negotiation skills the price can drop by 20-50%. You can call a private taxi only by calling the owner’s mobile number or just by meeting him at a taxi rank.

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Here we have given a detailed map how to get on foot to the railway station. The route is not difficult, besides, if you go along the main road from the airport, you will 100% see this station when you reach the bridge, so it will be quite difficult to get lost. There is a law in Montenegro by which you are not obliged to pay for any service or product for which you have not received a fiscal receipt.

Before the trip it is recommended to get acquainted with the map, make a route. Read more about the documents for a rented car, about the roads and traffic rules in Montenegro in this. I also want to warn you about, which will save you from unnecessary expenses in Montenegrin hospitals, and poisoning, injuries, colds, etc. can happen on vacation. Mildest climate, friendly people, good service, overall safety, warm sea and breathtaking mountains all come in … Therefore, by train, you can only get to cities and towns such as Bar, Sutomore, Virpazar, Danilovgrad, Niksic, Kolasin, Mojkovac and Bielo Pole. Therefore, if you have the right and desire to drive a car, then feel free to rent a car for the period you need.

Mini van airport transfers are becoming more and more popular because of extra comfort, extra luggage space and extra value. Private door to door airport transfers and intercity transfers all over Montenegro. It is easy to distinguish the official service from the private one, the name of the company, telephones, website are written on the car of the first one. Montenegro’s wild taxis prefer not to stand out from the general traffic flow.

All the drivers are experienced professionals who know Montenegro well. If you travel with kids we’ll provide children’s car seats or boosters. My Guide Montenegro is part of the global My Guide Network of Online & Mobile travel guides. Our Complete Website Solution frees up the time, cost and technical expertise required to build and operate your own successful online travel business.

Montenegro Transfer Services

Podgorica airport on the map- away from sea ​​coast, 1 to 2 hour drive to the resorts, there are many regular and year-round flights. Tivat airport on the map- located by the sea bay, close to the resorts, mostly charters fly here, does not work at night. In the off-season it can cost 35 euros, and in summer time on average, the price is euros from different services for an ordinary passenger car. There is no bus service from Podgorica airport to the center / bus station now, it’s a long walk to go there, don’t even try. A couple of years ago, it was introduced for 2 euros, but it was little used, removed … Therefore, you only have the option of ordering a taxi or a transfer.

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Thus, we have expanded our offer and have the most competitive prices, and we perform airport taxi transfers with fixed prices that are prominent and visible. The tourist coast of Montenegro is compact, many attractions and resorts can be reached quickly. To do this, use public transport, rent cars or book taxi services. The latter is a convenient option for fast delivery to the right place. But to choose a carrier you need to know which taxis in Montenegro are officially working, who are trying to take an inflated fee for services from tourists and independent travelers. Our headquarters are in Budva, while our brand works in whole Montenegro.

Transfers for Disabled

The taxi company’s website lists the exact price per kilometer. There is simply nowhere more realistic, it seems to me. If you don’t believe it, you can call the taxi company and check. Public transport walks past the airport, but you have to wait for the bus that goes exactly to Kotor. In addition, a ticket will cost about 3-4 euros per person. If there are two of you, then a taxi is only a little more expensive.

Various taxi companies operate in the city, although all Podgorica taxis calculate their fares using a taximeter based on the time and distance travelled to your exact location. Moreover, there is no price difference for day, night and weekend trips. The driver was amazing; he met me at the airport with my nameplate, helped me with my luggage and during the trip acted like a guide, talking about local places of interest. Red Taxi is a company from Kotor which provides services of taxi rides in both Kotor and Tivat Municipality. This company stands out among the competition with comfort, safety, accuracy, as well as maximum courtesy and professionalism.

Montenegro Taxi companies are significantly less expensive. They offer fixed rates and adhere to the price on the meter. There is no bargaining, but you do not have to worry about being ripped off. All taxi companies in Montenegro has its own rate that slightly differs from the competitors. You can call a taxi service in Montenegro by a short number, usually it is displayed on their cars.

The choice of service during the holiday depends on the city or resort where you are now. Then you can get a regular customer card, which will allow the driver to reduce base prices. We have the best prices for taxi transfers from the airport, which do not change during the tourist season when the demand for passenger transport services has increased. Our services are used by clients and tourists who keep coming back to us, as well as many companies, and we have a contract with some of them for more than ten years.

In the most beautiful coastal region of Montenegro, Budva, is placed the company ‘Terrae car’. ‘Terrae car’ is a rent-a-car and taxi company that strives to provide the highest quality and best service for our costumers. Offering the newest models of cars to rent, we are trying to give our customers a memorable experience while exploring the wild beauty of Montenegro.

You can book a transfer safely and easily with Book Taxi Montenegro using Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Visa and Visa Electron or PayPal. Our website uses a secure bank system to process payments. All information is managed only between you and our bank, with an encoded page, making it impossible to read for third parties. The airport also has a VIP lounge, with separate check-in and passport control facilities – also used by general aviation customers. The lounge consists of three parts – the first part for leisure, second for television crew and press conferences and a third part is a presidential suite. The lounge has a total surface area of 500 m2 (5,400 sq ft).

The price includes one hour of free waiting time after landing, and in the case of a flight delay, our drivers will wait for free; they track arrival time your flight. You can make your booking online and avoid any unpleasant surprises when you arrive. You will not have to bargain with a driver or explain how to get to your hotel. The driver has all the information about your journey so you do not have to explain anything to them. The driver will meet you at the pick up location on time, help you with your luggage and arrange child seats if needed. In many aspects, the transfer option is better than public transport in Montenegro, such as buses or trains.

In 2012, construction work on the modernization and expansion of the airport began. It was carried out on the expansion and reconstruction of the A-gate and C-gate departure and transit areas. As a result, an extra 2,750 square metres (29,600 sq ft) was added. The airport stagnated during the 1990s after the outbreak of the Yugoslav wars and the United Nations sanctions imposed on the Serbia and Montenegro. The airport had minimal passenger movement, and many facilities were in need of reparation. I would like to thank your company and staff for quality services provided.

Taxi services in Podgorica are relatively inexpensive compared to other European cities. For example, a 20-minute trip from Podgorica airport to the city centre costs approximately €12. Many taxi companies operate around Podgorica; you can easily hail a cab off the street, head to a taxi rank or major tourist hub. Alternatively, you can book a taxi by calling one of the companies, sending a text or reserving via their website. RED TAXI is one of the most successful taxi companies in Montenegro. With experienced management and excellent drivers RED TAXI meets thousands of citizens of Podgorica, and entire Montenegro.

Find a city

Most hotels in Montenegro use taxis from local organizations. If you book an individual transfer through the hotel, the price will be higher. Addresses and house numbers in Montenegro are often not available, but taxi drivers know the houses by the owner, by the developer, or by the restaurant nearby. Therefore, do not be afraid that the hotel may be without exact address, it is better to check with the owner for identification signs around. Taxi service from Podgorica airport is licensed passenger transportation service by comfort class vehicles capacity of up to four persons, and minivan service by up to 8 and 18 persons.

7 Customer Service

In this case, a taxi will take you to your place of residence, and a bus only to the bus station. Local taxi drivers are no different from all taxi drivers in all countries in their desire to earn as much as possible from tourists who are not familiar with local rates and everything else. As a rule, they are wealthy and came to rest and not to strain themselves by calculating kilometers and time on the road.

Airport transfers

However they’re still relatively cheap with a ride in any of the towns not usually costing more than a few Euros. If you’re staying in a hotel or apartment complex it’s
generally easy to get a taxi to come pick you up. Some difficulty arises
however when you need a taxi to come to your villa and you don’t have a street
address. Addresses in Montenegro are notoriously difficult, having neither
street names or house numbers in many places. Your best bet in this case is to
get the taxi to pick you up from a nearby restaurant, café or other landmark
where they’ll be able to find you easily. The prices on our website are highlighted and expressed in euros.

So, take a few minutes, browse the internet, look what is offered and at what price. If you are going on a business trip with official meetings and late night outings, not a vacation, make sure you pack a classic suit or a cocktail dress. Those travellers who go on business trips quite often should pack an extra bag with all the necessary things. It should have personal hygiene products, underwear, socks and a clean shirt or blouse. The driver will meet you at the airport of Tivat or Podgorica with a plate, bearing your name. If it’s delayed we will find out and meet you right on time.

Meet-up instructions are given in the voucher confirming your booking. If you have not received the email with the confirmation, please contact our manager by email at
or in online chat. After you make your booking, you will receive a confirmation email with a voucher containing your booking number and all the details of your journey. The price is agreed when you book and is not subject to change. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. Prices, as well as bus departure times, you can see in advance on the official website

Like most airports, Podgorica Golubovci (TGD) is located away from the city. The distance to the center is about 11 km, so walking here will be difficult and long. Terrae-Taxi is synonymous for a taxi in Montenegro and Budva which provides safety, corporate responsibility, comfort, and relaxing ride. Also we are perfectly familiar with all cities in Montenegro and region, we can drive you anywhere you need. Taxi Podgorica – service in Montenegro fully licensed for transportation from Podgorica and airport Podgorica. Many travelers have a need for a transfer from Podgorica to some of neighboring Montenegrin countries.

However, it is worth noting that these tariffs are on average 1.5-2 times higher than if ordered by phone or through the application. We advise you not to pay for taxi more than 1 € for “start” and 1 € “per kilometer”. It is essential to keep your taxi receipt as it contains all the information you will be asked for (date, price, taxi service montenegro taxi registration number, etc.). In this text you can find some basic information about the capital of Montenegro. Learn about culture and history, and also find out some geographic and demographic information. For those who are coming by car, check how and where you can be informed about road conditions or get a help.

For a sure you will be surprised when realize that rides cost just a bit more than half of Euro per kilometer. Check how to have a transfer to other cities in Montenegro. From Tivat airoport to Bar the price should be 50 Euro top, but the private drivers ask for 100 and are reluctant to go any lower. During high season it’s impossible to have a discount. Sometimes when you get there they ask even more, like, because there was a traffic jam. Taxi Montenegro is a great help — I always know that the driver will be waiting for me, will help me with my luggage and the price will be the same as on the website.

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