Vip Taxi Budva is probably the most upscale company with the best service. It is predominantly a transfer service operating Mercedes luxury sedans, vans, and minibuses but also offering regular taxi services. You can order a car rental at Tivat airport in many local services, the main thing is to specify the needed pick-up point and the car rental companies will deliver the car to your arrival.

If you order a cab via instant messanger, you will have the estimated price indicated in advance. Taxi rates vary in Montenegro and depend on location and season. In Podgorica and other cities and towns in Montenegro’s Interior, fares are between 0,50 and 0,80€ per kilometer.

But nevertheless, it will still be higher than in official services. The Tivat bus station was built in a strange place – neither in the city center nor near the airport. It looks like a glass building, in front is a Franz supermarket (if you wait a long time for a bus, buy groceries).

Terrae-Taxi is synonymous for a taxi in Montenegro and Budva which provides safety, corporate responsibility, comfort, and relaxing ride. Also we are perfectly familiar with all cities in Montenegro and region, we can drive you anywhere you need. Inside the vehicle of each registered taxi driver in Montenegro, there must be a clear price for both “start” and “per kilometer”. Otherwise, you are in the vehicle of an unregistered taxi driver and you risk paying more than you should.

Cost of the car – Renting a car in Montenegro costs about $25 a day. The price goes up depending on the size of the car that you need and the style of the car. If you want to do a lot of sightseeing, having a car will quickly pay for itself because tours and taxis will add up quickly. Any serious taxi company should have a decent website. For you, this means an opportunity to find out more about the service, but more importantly, to see if the price fits your budget. So, take a few minutes, browse the internet, look what is offered and at what price.

Who should you rent from?

Keep in mind that the schedule of public transport, as well as intercity buses, is purely advisory in Montenegro. Therefore, we advise you to buy all tickets on the spot, and not online, because there were cases when flights were simply canceled or they were delayed due to huge traffic jams. Some went the second way and, as it turned out, in our opinion, they did the right thing. Let’s start with the fact that the price of gasoline in Montenegro, in fact, as in all of Europe, is quite high.

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There is simply nowhere more realistic, it seems to me. If you don’t believe it, you can call the taxi company and check. Public transport walks past the airport, but you have to wait for the bus that goes exactly to Kotor.

Therefore, each company tries to work in its region. Therefore, in order to avoid such “delays” when departing, it is necessary to order a local car. As a rule, choosing the spontaneous way of traveling, such as taxis can be overwhelmingly expensive and not at all worth it. On the other hand, public buses might not have much space for your baggage and cause feelings of tiredness after carrying them all along the way to and from the bus. It goes without saying, making a booking beforehand is the safest, easiest and fastest alternative compared to all the options mentioned above. Our experienced and knowledgeable drivers will meet you at the hotel lobby with the requested vehicle and drive you to any destination with a broad and greeting smile on their face.

Airport Transfer Service Go Montenegro Taxi Podgorica

The company is unique in the sense that they operate a fleet of Tesla electrical automobiles and have a mobile app similar to Uber or Lyft. And the most important thing is that they are honest – they don’t ramp up prices because your are a tourist. All in all, this is the best transfer service in Budva and the only one with a new Mercedes S class.

Montenegro is a territorially small country, so you can order a taxi even from one city to another. When arriving in a new city, jumping into a Podgorica taxi is the best way to start your holiday. We provide stress-free, personalised services and guaranteed on-time pickups at Welcome Pickups.

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San Francisco taxi drivers prepare for first-in-the-nation Uber ….

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A taxi is a comfortable form of transport that works always and everywhere, and Montenegro is no exception. The taxi market is represented here by two segments. Their cars can be called by phone both for a one-time trip and to hire a car with a driver for the whole day.

Top Info For First-Timers in Montenegro

Luckily, taxis in montenegro tend to be pretty cheap so you can get around with taxis fairly easily. Clean and comfortable vehicles, friendly drivers and reasonable prices will make you our regular client. Also, for example, an unregistered taxi driver will often try to present as the one you called.

How’s the driving in Montenegro?

Note however that these taxi prices are higher than if you had scheduled a taxi ride upfront with a local taxi service. Only it is not the big taxi companies that do this, but individual drivers and small unknown companies. There are always a lot of such cars at the airports.

Facts about the taxi from Budva to Kotor

You just need to register and download the Tesla Go App from Google Play or the App Store. With a few clicks and swipes, you can order a taxi. The car arrives at the exact location guided by GPS – no need to make phone calls or send messages.

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