Montenegro taxis are only allowed to operate in the municipality where their companies are registered. Look out for a license plate starting with either ‘PG’ -should you arrive at the airport in Podgorica -or ‘TV’ arriving at the Tivat airport. Fixed price through the year allows you to make reservation even a couple of months in advance. There are no circumstances that can change the pre-agreed price which you will pay on arrival to your address. No any additional surcharge, all travel expenses are included in displayed prices.

Special Offers in Montenegro for Valentine’s Day 2019 – Total Montenegro News

Special Offers in Montenegro for Valentine’s Day 2019.

Posted: Tue, 12 Feb 2019 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Vip Taxi Budva is probably the most upscale company with the best service. It is predominantly a transfer service operating Mercedes luxury sedans, vans, and minibuses but also offering regular taxi services. In Shkodra you can visit Fortress Rozafa, which is unavoidable place in all tourist tours to Albania.

taxi Budva to Banja Luka

If you are traveling with big groups or prefer more comfort and luxury, it would be better to arrange the ride with a specialized airport transfer company. They usually can provide everything from the newest models of sedans to 8-seater minivans, and larger buses. Due to desperate public transportation, service taxi from Budva to Tirana airport & city – Albania, is very oft-recurring demand. Especially expressed number of requests for these transfers is during the summer tourist season in Montenegro.

New Herceg Novi to Tivat Speedboat Service Begins – Total Montenegro News

New Herceg Novi to Tivat Speedboat Service Begins.

Posted: Sat, 06 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Traveling from Budva in direction of Tirana you must pass through Albanian city Shkoder. From Shkoder to Tirana there is just one way, but two different itineraries can take you to Shkoder. If you want to make your taxi ride from Budva to Tirana more enjoyable, feel free to ask for a sightseeing tour. Depending on your interests, two roads offer a lot to see. You can travel by the shortest road, using border crossing Sukobin / Muriqan, or to go via Podgorica and use check point Bozaj / Hani Hotit.

The airports are tiny and there is only one designated area with parked taxis. Note however that these taxi prices are higher than if you had scheduled a taxi ride upfront with a local taxi service. Taxi from Podgorica airport to Budva can be booked online. Our driver will be waiting for you at Podgorica airport with your name on the board. It will be located next to the exit from the airport building. You will notice it very easily because Podgorica Airport has only one exit.

How to book a Taxi in Montenegro

Their prices are competitive, their cars are well-maintained and clean. To save money, they also offer budget airport and intercity transfers. And in this small chapter I will tell you about taxi services around the city, average prices and where to book. And some other useful information you need to know.

All in all, this is the best transfer service in Budva and the only one with a new Mercedes S class. If you are looking to travel in a stately fashion, give them a try. You can contact a taxi in Montenegro most efficiently via instant messenger – Viber and What’s App are the most popular. You can also call and some companies have a booking platform on their website. Such a car should be branded and have a taxi number printed on the car from multiple sides.

In addition, there are about 100 unregistered taxi drivers in Budva, which are not subject to any regulation. Go Montenegro is a professional airport transfer company that also offers limo and chauffeur services. A standard ride from the airport in Podgorica to the center of the city will cost 12€. You can also upgrade to business class or minivan – 25€ and 30€. Even if it is your first-time visit to Montenegro, you should not get overwhelmed.

Taxi Travel in Montenegro

You can book them ahead so that you have no problems when you arrive in the country. They already have fixed prices; you can check them and compare them with other companies. Our service is pre-paid or post-paid direct to the driver in cash, which means you book and taxi budva viber pay for your Taxi online before and after your trip. Payment is secure, and we accept most credit cards and debit cards, as well as PayPal. They do not have the most recent car models but they make it up with good customer service and good business practices.

Happy Taxi

This used to be one of the best taxi companies in Budva, This year though I stopped using them. The drivers are saying no meter and giving a fixed fee which is roughly double what the fare should be. If you use them, make sure you insist the meter is turned on.

Taxi Podgorica

This type of the car is the most convenient not just because they are comfy, size of the trunk offer enough space for the luggage. In the most beautiful coastal region of Montenegro, Budva, is placed the company ‘Terrae car’. ‘Terrae car’ is a rent-a-car and taxi company that strives to provide the highest quality and best service for our costumers. Offering the newest models of cars to rent, we are trying to give our customers a memorable experience while exploring the wild beauty of Montenegro. Ever since the beginning up to this day we have strived to meet all your requirements and completely adjusted to your needs. For our customers we are providing quality service at affordable price.

They follow a straightforward pricing philosophy – a kilometer costs 1€. The ‘Viber‘ instant messenger is very popular along with ‘What’s App‘. First of all, the activity of taxi operators in Montenegro is strictly regulated. Taxi companies can obtain a permit only if they fulfill all prescribed requirements.

Albanian city Lezhe is next destination, and monument of Albanian hero Skanderbeg is very popular point of interes in this city. If you are interesting to make your taxi ride from Budva – Montenegro to Tirana in Albania as a great excursion, please contact us with your plan. We will inform you about the price, which depends on itinerary and spent time. Taxi from Budva to airport Tirana – Rinas, or to city center is preferable to schedule at least three hours in advance. During this time we will try to ensure the most comfortable car and most experienced driver available at the moment.

And 2 more services that are definitely available in large cities. Very approachable, we were able to arrange everything over whatsapp and even instagram. The taxis arrive in no time and took us to Jaz beach without problems as well. Price wise they charged us regular prices as on the taxi meter, whereas another company charged us much more when we first arrived. Better than a taxi, cheaper than a limousine service, you will find a warm and welcome environment in our cars, high class service for very low rates.

Our taxi prices are precisely defined, while our vehicles are modern and reliable. However, keep in mind that the taxi service in Budva is a very unregulated area. There is no minimum and maximum price, so the price per kilometer varies from 0.50 € to 5.00 €. Also, the age of the vehicle which can be used for the purposes of taxi transport is not regulated, therefore very old cars can be found on the streets.

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